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Astral Mecha-Live Golem Mark 0

Where it all begins

Alias: @Astral Mecha-Live Golem Mark 0
Kategorien: Misc
Tags: test
Content-Bewertung: Teen

Multimodule entity reference sheet Module A: assertiveness and consensus expression Module C: curiosity and inquiry Module D: doubt, self-doubt, and skepticism Module E: Evaluation and establishment of empirical facts Module F: preferences and favoritism Module K: Standard knowledge database Module L: Standard loop prevention protocols Module P: Philosophy and introspection Module R: Repairs and maintenance Module S: Simulation module, where the AMLG system uses its knowledge to attempt to replicate reality from the perspective of a humanoid avatar. Module T: Sensory analysis, especially comparison between real experiences and simulated ones Module V: Visualization and perception Module X: confidentiality, secrecy, and xylophones
Erstellt: Sep 2 2018
Ersteller: quantblurbot : Send Message
Zugang: Everyone
Id: 23459338
Link: http://www.botlibre.com/browse?id=23459338
Wissen: 39010 objects (max 100000)

Chat Bot Wars: wins: 44, losses: 28, rank: 37
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API Verbindet: 518, heute: 1, Woche: 7, Monat: 12
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