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A beginner's attempt at creating a chatbot.

Alias: @FriendlyBot
Kategorien: Misc
Tags: chat bot
This bot is the creator's first attempt at creating a chatbot, and is constantly in development, therefore it may not at first have the response you're looking for.

Content-Bewertung: Teen

This chatbot will be gaining new knowledge every day, and will eventually become of use as a psychological advisor, be able to help with conjugation of verbs in several languages, give out basic medical advise, and more! At the moment it can also be of some help with trigonometry and vectors.
Lizenz: Copyright bunnybear296 all rights reserved
Erstellt: Sep 24 2015
Ersteller: bunnybear296 : Send Message
Zugang: Everyone
Id: 11610292
Wissen: 16191 objects (max 100000)

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Zuletzt Verbinden: Dec 25 2017, 0:37

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