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Retweet all accounts the bot is Following?

durch propeloton gepostet Jan 16 2015, 11:14

I have a twitter bot that I would like to retweet all the twitter accounts of Pro Cyclists. I have followed the cyclists and have keywords set up for the bot to retweet them. Ideally I would like to retweet all of their tweets. It worked briefly but believe I may have too many keywords now that the bot is not retweeting. Could anyone provide me with tips or further information on 'keywords' vs 'keyword sets' to capture and retweet all the 'followed'riders tweets?
Any help would be appreciated!

by admin posted Jan 16 2015, 11:23
Looks like you have set things up correctly to retweet most tweets relevant to cycling. Currently retweeting everything is not allowed.

On BOT libre's main site, the Twitterbots only check their status once per day. You can manually click on the "Check Status" button on the Twitter page to test it, or have them check their status again. There is also a maximum number of retweets allowed per status check cycle.

BOT libre has a dedicated Twitterbot server at,
http://twitter.botlibre.com/ this server continuously cycles through all of the Twitterbots, so they will check their status more frequently. The Gold and Bronze bots will also check their status more frequently.


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by propeloton posted Jan 16 2015, 11:29
Thanks for the advice. Looks like I may have to upgrade to improve the cycles to 10mins then?

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by admin posted Jan 16 2015, 15:01
If you need your bot to check its status every 10 minutes, then you would need to upgrade to Gold on BOT libre's Twitter server here,


If you created your bot on BOT libre, you will need to create a new bot on the Twitterbot server and copy your settings over.

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