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Creating animated avatars.

durch raegennight gepostet Mar 4 2023, 20:10

    Can someone tell me how I can animate an avatar, so that it will work with text to speech? I have created animated avatars in the past, but I had to use photoshop and/ or a program like Crazytalk. I also used Conversive Studio to get the pictures of the avatars using phonemes to sync with a text to speech engine. I just didn't know if there is an easier way to create animated avatars that will sync with text to speech. I thought about using DI-D or some other video animator software, but it seems to me that you would have to make a video for every answer that a bot makes. If someone knows of an easier way to animate avatars, please let me know. Thanks.

by admin posted Mar 4 2023, 20:24

You can use any of Bot Libre's avatars, just click on the avatar's Embed button, or link it to your bot.

For a custom designed avatar you can request one here,


To create your own video based avatar see,


For a 3D avatar or metaverse solution we use the Unity development environment and Bot Libre Metaverse SDK to develop 3D solutions, contact [email protected]

Updated: Mar 4 2023, 20:25
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by raegennight posted Mar 4 2023, 20:45

I know that I can use animated avatars from the BOTlibre website. but I want to create an animated avatar from images I have created. I also know that you say that you can make them for me, but I would like to try and do it myself. I wasn't satisfied with the Julie animation. Her mouth doesn't sync with the text to speech. I have tried others too, but their mouth patterns don't sync either. I am trying to make an avatar similar to the ones on the Synthesia website. I want them to look as human as possible, while their mouth patterns sync with text to speech.

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