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How to obtain bot's response in different language ?

durch simpleuser7 gepostet Jun 21 2021, 0:24

Bot was trained in English language.

Is it possible to ask bot something in different language (for example in Russian, Polish etc.) and obtain answer in different language ?

Why I ask it.

Because Help Bot of this platform can be asked in any language, not only English and  provide response also with the same language in which was asked. I do not think that Help bot was trained in 130 languages. Probably exist si=ome method to add translation is not it ?

by admin posted Jun 21 2021, 8:04
You can configure language translation in your bot's embed code.

web.nativeVoice = true;
web.lang = "fr";
SDK.lang = "fr";
web.translate = true;

You can also pass a language attribute to the chat web API.

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