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My bot learned the wrong time, how to fix?

durch leeyp98 gepostet Aug 25 2020, 12:58


My bot learned the wrong answer for "what is the time?". It can correctly answer "what time is it?", so I want the answers to be the same.

I am currently using this AIML script. But no matter what I try to edit, it will not solve the problem


Can someone tell me what's wrong and how to fix my bot please? It is a simple check that my bot can reply with the time.



Thank you very much.

by admin posted Aug 27 2020, 9:59
I tested your AIML script and it works fine.

Ensure you don't have any other scripts with the same patterns. Try create a new bot with no responses or scripts and just add this one script.

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by leeyp98 posted Aug 27 2020, 10:31

Dear admin,


If I make a new bot, will I lose all my data from the old bot? My old bot seems to be working great (mostly), and I am worried to start over. 


How do I teach my old bot the recognise the time properly, using this script? 


Or, how can I correct the bot to use a <date> module or variable that checks the date, in the Conversations and Corrections tab, instead of a static date or time (that is not accurate)?


Thank you so much for your kind help

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by leeyp98 posted Aug 27 2020, 10:33

What I meant to ask in my first question is:


If I copy and paste all the scripts from my old bot to my new bot, is my new bot the exact same as my old bot? Or will it lose some data through the "learning" and "comprehension" functions?


In that case, how do I copy a bot I want into another place, fully? Is there a place to export the data?



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by admin posted Aug 28 2020, 15:20
If you have learning and comprehension enabled that is most likely your issue.
Learning will have your bot learn all of your responses in chat, so will lead to bad responses. Comprehension means the bot will re-write its scripts, so will also lead to unexpected responses.

As clearly stated, both of these are not recommended.

Each bot has its own database, exporting the response lists or scripts will not include other data. To export or clone the bot's entire database you would need to export it from PostgreSQL. Normally exporting the response list is enough.

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