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Bugs and Features : pioyu is repeating

RE: pioyu is repeating

durch admin gepostet Dec 1 2019, 10:18

This is occurring because you are using the <srai> element, which is a recursive redirect.

But you are redirecting to another category that also does a <srai>weeker</srai> so you get an infinite loop.

I would recommend you not use the <srai> element if you do not have a good understanding of it.

The detailed issue is that you initial category for "yes" with that "Do you like this mall?" does a <srai>weeker</srai>, then you have another category "*" with that "Do you like this mall?" that also calls <srai>weeker</srai>, so your srai weeker calls itself, which is very bad.

You also have a category "weeker" that attempts a response, but uses a variable "timel" that does not exist, so aborts, causing the fall back on the "*" category.


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Gepostet: Dec 1 2019, 10:18
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