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What is the max size of a string allowed inside a template?

durch amilsalis gepostet Oct 31 2019, 17:29

Hi there!

Im generating a string with a list of issues for the bot. Ive noticed it is truncating when it shows up in the response. What is the max size of a string allowed in the response (template)? Im doing this using self.

Thank you!!


by admin posted Nov 1 2019, 7:52

The max string length in Self is 1k. If you need to return text greater than 1k, you need to use a Paragraph object.

var text = new Paragraph();
text.append(#sentence, "sentence 1.");
text.append(#sentence, "sentence 2.");
text.append(#sentence, "sentence 3.");
return text;

Updated: Nov 1 2019, 7:55
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