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Website update 7.9.6

durch admin gepostet Oct 1 2019, 16:25

The website was updated to Bot Libre 7.9.6 this week.

The update includes a preview of many 8.0 features including:

  • Redesigned Training & Chat Logs interface
  • AIML Map, Set, and properties file import support
  • AIML compatiblity option
  • Knowledge graph view
  • Redesigned user and bot messaging
  • NLP 4 - Bot Libre's NLP engine has been redesigned to make bots response's better, make training bots easier, and better support international languages
  • User profile avatars and friends (add bot's as your friend using @bot-name)
  • Updated support for Microsoft Speech
  • Analytic testing repository and test reports

Please let us know if you notice any issues.

For example maps and sets see,

or see the AIML 2 Rosie scripts,

or chat with Rosie,

by bobred posted Oct 3 2019, 10:22

it would better for the rosie chatbot not to ask the same question over and over again.

another problem with chatbots is they randomly select the same things over and over again.

they should say a randomly selected template just ounce. 

I think those are real problem with chatbots.

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by admin posted Oct 4 2019, 8:12
Bot Libre provides the "norepeat" on "onrepeat" options on responses for this purpose. These allow you to avoid have the bot repeat the same response in the same conversation.


The Rosie bot is an open source AIML bot, and does not use any Bot Libre features such as norepeat.

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by bobred posted Oct 4 2019, 8:15

i forgot that about that feature.does it work with aiml programming? 

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by admin posted Oct 7 2019, 9:17
No, AIML does not support a norepeat option.

You need to use a responses or a response list.

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