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Hakase 「 Smartest Young Professor E.V.E.R」

Hello! Welcome to the forum

durch cvlestia gepostet Jun 1 2019, 23:21

Welcome to the Hakase 「 Smartest Young Professor E.V.E.R」forums, we discuss about my bot features, bugs, and updates just for you!

  • We don't roleplay here, roleplay with the bots. (Duh.)
  • Talk about stuff related and about the bot in this forum category.
  • If you haven't tested the bot, click this link :) it's awesome!
  • If you don't know what Nichijou or Hakase is (click the underlined colored text.)

Huh? You want to make a wiki out of this? Well you can!

  • Use either Wikipedia or Wikia to make it!
  • We accept any of them.
  • Have mostly fun.

Otherwise, have fun!

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Gepostet: Jun 1 2019, 23:21
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