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Synonyms for phrase

durch alp-shah gepostet Nov 23 2018, 7:47


I understand how synonyms work. I saw below example

question: do you like ice hockey
response: Yes, I like ice hockey.
required: like hockey

and then in synonyms file

word: like
synonyms: love luv play

So that it can answer question where instead of like other synonyms love is used.

Now I want to know how do I use for phrase. e.g below is my question

question: is there a job for software engineer?
response: Yes, we have some opening in software development department.
required: "software engineer"

I want to give same answer for some other related role like "software developer" , "software programmer". How can I handle with synonyms? I wish them as synonyms to make them globally available.



by admin posted Nov 23 2018, 9:04

You can add compound synonyms as well.

word: software engineer
synonyms: "software developer" "computer programmer"

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by alp-shah posted Nov 26 2018, 4:25

I actually tried with " for word too like word: "software engineer" but it didn't work

What you suggested is working.


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Gepostet: Nov 23 2018, 7:47
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