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Bots : How to customize responses for my Bot

RE: How to customize responses for my Bot

durch admin gepostet Aug 11 2018, 12:55

There are a few ways, the best method is to add responses from the bot's Training page, see,


Bot Libre is a hybrid platform, so supports several methods,

  • Chat with your bot and click on the "correction" button to correct its responses.
  • Train the bot with responses or a response list from its Training page.
  • Train the bot using an AIML script, or patterns.
  • Train the bot using a Self script from its Scripts page.
  • Enable learning, and let your bot learn from chatting with its users (not recommended)
  • Enable learning from admins, and connect your bot to a Live Chat channel and have it learn from operators.
The best way to train a bot is always to add some core basic and FAQ responses, then let your users chat with it. Review the bot's conversation logs regularly and add responses for the questions the bot could not answer.

See also,

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