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RE: Create bots with a real brain

durch admin gepostet Jun 23 2018, 13:33

The best way to train a bot is to import a "Response List" file or enter the questions and responses from the bot's Training & Chat Logs page in its Admin Console.


A response list is basically a text file of a list of questions and responses. When you import a response list the bot will automatically find the best response for the user's question by finding the closest match.

You can also import or copy response lists from our script library,


You can also import a chat log, or conversation log, and have the bot learning from the user's responses in the conversation (or even have the bot learn from chatting with users).

Bot Libre also support other ways to train a bot including AIML and Self scripting.

These use patterns, templates, and scripting to create responses.

AIML - https://www.botlibre.com/forum-post?id=705870
Self - https://www.botlibre.com/forum-post?id=705860

See also,

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