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durch josecleofejr gepostet Mar 31 2018, 19:44

one third: ⅓.

if ½+½? then ½+½=1.

by artisticbynature posted Apr 28 2018, 19:46

The real question for me, is can these forums be automated by a chat bot, similar to the way this works on facebook?

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by admin posted Apr 29 2018, 8:04
Yes, through the bot's "timer" service any service that has a web API can be automated, and these forums have a web API.

We are planning a deeper forum integrate as well.

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by artisticbynature posted Aug 23, 17:47

I am looking into it now.   I am not a skilled programmer.  I have a basic understanding though.

Do you know of any resources on these forums that talk about this?


It would be nice to be able to have a few default connections that can shake hands easily for non-programmers.

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by admin posted Aug 24, 8:15
For our web API see,

See also,

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