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star (parameter with space or dash)

durch Schrader gepostet Mar 22 2018, 10:58

Hi, I have a pattern with 3 stars, pattern "* * *" template relearn();

then I can read sigle parameters by using:

var brand = sentence.get(#word, 0);
var series = sentence.get(#word, 1);
var year = sentence.get(#word, 2);

but one of the parameter can have space for example par1 par2 par 3

so the words become 4 becose a space.

I have to read 3 parameters from the 3 starts

How can I solve this situation ? 


Also if the user input 1par 2-par 3par, the second parameter is ignored I mean in #word1 I find obly 2 and not 2-par


 Thanks in advance

by admin posted Mar 22 2018, 13:43
To access * wildcards from a pattern use the "star" variable. For multiple stars this will be an array.

var brand = star[0];
var series = star[1];
var year = star[2];

The star will be the whole string fragment matched to the wildcard.

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Tags: star (parameter with space or dash)
Gepostet: Mar 22 2018, 10:58
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