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Announcing the Bot Libre Micro AI Engine and Bot Libre Offline - "Putting advanced artificial intelligence in the palm of your hand"

durch admin gepostet Sep 29 2017, 14:45

We have released Bot Libre Offline for Android.

Bot Libre Offline lets you create your own chat bot similar to the Bot Libre app. Unlike the Bot Libre app, Bot Libre Offline runs the bot locally on your phone, and does not require an Internet connection. The app lets you create your own bot from several different templates, including Julie, Alice, an AI bot, and a mobile virtual assistant. You can chat with the bot and correct its responses to teach it new things.

Bot Libre Offline was developed with the Bot Libre Micro AI Engine. The Bot Libre Micro AI Engine is a port of the open source Bot Libre AI Engine optimized for Android.

The Bot Libre Micro AI Engine loads and stores the bot from a local optimized binary file instead of using a database like the regular version. The Micro AI Engine is smaller and faster than the regular AI Engine, but cannot scale as well as it loads the entire bot into memory.

The Micro AI Engine supports the same features as the regular AI Engine including:

  • Heuristic response matching
  • AIML
  • Self
  • Learning
  • Commands
  • Mobile virtual assistant commands
  • Avatars
  • Wiktionary
  • WikiData
  • Knowledge
  • Scripts for math, language understanding, what/is

The Bot Libre Offline SDK and the Micro AI Engine will let you add an offline bot to your own Android app. We will be releasing both to our open source project BotLibre.org on GitHub.

We can also develop you your own offline bot app, or help you integrate a bot with your existing app through Bot Libre for Business services, contact [email protected].

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