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Bot Libre Forum : problem with my plant aiml script

RE: problem with my plant aiml script

durch admin gepostet May 11 2017, 7:19

I added your plant script to your bot "Blair" and it works.

In general you can import AIML either as a response (which is heuristically matched) or as a script (which is executed programmatically).

If you add it as a response the bot will avoid using the same response twice in a row, so will find another response.

If you add it as a script the bot will always use the same response.

Also, check that you do not have learning enabled, otherwise you will be corrupting your bot's responses.

Also, you had a "?" in your AIML pattern. In general AIML patterns should not contains punctuation, if they do it will be required for the pattern to match. Normally punctuation is ignored when matching a pattern.

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