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how to run ai engine

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Have downloaded botlibre AI Engine and Test projects, not able to get from where to start, somehow i was able to run gui.bat file in ai engine test directory, where it represented a lot of options but on clicking those options nothing is happening, i want to check the sequence or order or pre requiste of running the ai engine or test throgh ai engine client.



by admin posted Jan 19 2017, 8:00
The Bot Libre AI Engine is a Java library that you can use for bots and artificial intelligence in a "Java" application. You can add the botlibre-ai.jar to your Java application to use it.

If you are not developing a Java application, then you can use Bot Libre on the web at, or use the Bot Libre SDK from JavaScript, Android, or iOS.

The AI Engine contains an Eclipse project you can load it as, and the Test project gives a list of JUnit tests you can run, and use as examples. The AI engine requires a PostgreSQL database that you must install and configure, and update the password in the AI engine's persistence.xml file.

There are ant build files in the projects for rebuilding the jars, and in the test build there is an initdb task that must be run to create the database.

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