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Announcing Bot Libre 4.6.2 - Slack support, Facebook buttons, Affiliates and Partners, Domains

durch admin gepostet Sep 12 2016, 11:30

We release Bot Libre 4.6.2 this week.

The release included many new enhancements and improvements including:

  • Slack support - connect your bot to a Slack channel, or autopost RSS feeds and more to Slack
  • Facebook buttons - now use commands to add buttons to Facebook responses
  • Affiliates and Partners - Join our partners and affiliates program an earn commissions on referrals
  • Domain subdomains - now connect your own Bot Libre domain to a subdomain or your own domain name
  • User profiles - our user profiles page has been redesigned
The update also included many other minor enhancements and improvements.

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Gepostet: Sep 12 2016, 11:30
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