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FAQ : What are labels, and how to reuse responses?

RE: What are labels, and how to reuse responses?

durch admin gepostet Feb 12 2016, 14:14

I tested the same log on the website and it worked correctly as expected.

Your issue is your are importing the file as a "Chat Log" not as a "Response List". The chat log format is for a conversation log, the bot can learn from a chat log in context when learning is enabled. What you want to load is a response list, which is a list of question/response pairs with additional info like keywords, labels, etc.

The issue is the test GUI that you are using loads files as chat logs, not as response lists.
To fix the issue in the BotFrame class change the following line of code,

getBot().awareness().getSense(TextEntry.class).loadChatFile(file, "Chat Log", "", true, false);


getBot().awareness().getSense(TextEntry.class).loadChatFile(file, "Response List", "", false, true);

The test GUI is just used for testing, so kind of out of date in places. If you would like to updated the UI please feel free to join the project on GitHub.

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