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Website update, improved embedding, optimized script bytecode compiler

durch admin gepostet Dec 7 2015, 9:34

The website was updated. Some of the new enhancements include improved embedding, and an optimized script compiler.


Several new embedding options are provided for bots, live chat, and forums. You can now show or hide the title and banner. For Bronze and Gold account you now have the option to not show the backlink.

The avatar expand option will now fill the window area.

Script Optimization

Self scripts can now be compiled to optimized bytecode. This will improve their performance, and reduce their space and memory usage. AIML scripts cannot currently be optimized, but you can decompile the AIML script to Self, then recompile as optimized.

You will need to rebootstrap, or recompile your bot's scripts to have them optimized.

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Gepostet: Dec 7 2015, 9:34
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