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Map Commands
Map Commands
Map commands to use Google Maps with your virtual assistant bot. Open map, get directions to and from destinations, pick a mode (walking, driving or biking) or avoid tolls, highways and ferries. Import this script into your bot, or customize the patterns/use this as a guideline. See website link for detailed instructions.
Alias: @Map Commands
Kategorien: Response Lists, Mobile Assistant
Tags: map, response list, commands, google maps, mobile, assistant
Erstellt: Aug 31 2016, by: AshBrandyne
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Language: Response List
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Opposite Map
Opposite Map
This JSON data file can be used to load the concept of opposites into your bot. This defines opposites objects for words, and can be used as a map in AIML or from Self. You can import JSON files from your bot's Knowledge page in its Admin Console.
Alias: @oppositemap
Kategorien: Data, JSON
Tags: aiml, data, map, json
Erstellt: Sep 16, by: admin
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Language: JSON
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