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Help : authentication and personalization of data

RE: authentication and personalization of data

durch admin gepostet Feb 12, 8:50

1 - To embed a bot on your website just click the "Embed" button and copy the HTML/JavaScript code to your website.

We also have a Wordpress plugin,



2/3 - You can implement user credentials either in JavaScript on your website and using our web API,

or you can have the bot check the user's credentials using a Self script.



4 - This depends on how isolated you require the data to be.  Each user has a speaker object in the bot's database that is isolated from other users data, and can store information about the user.

If you do not wish to use the bot's database, you can also integrate with a local database on your own website through your own web API, or with a web database such as Firebase. Both can be done through a Self script using the XML or JSON web API.



If you would like help developing your bot, and require extended features we can provide these to you through our development services.

Contact sales@botlibre.biz

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