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I need help with a project

durch robertsflores gepostet Sep 27 2018, 9:04

I need a help with my project, i need to do a chatbot using API.AI and conected to an avatar 3d of botlibre

My E-MAil Robertsfloresm@gmail.com

by admin posted Sep 28 2018, 7:49
Google dropped API.AI and replaced it with DialogFlow.

You can integrate a Bot Libre for with Dialog Flow using a "proxy" bot on Bot Libre that forwards requests to the DialogFlow web REST API using a Self script that uses the Http class.

It would be similar to our Watson proxy bot, you could start with that template and adapt it to the DialogFlow API,


A proxy bot lets you integrate with all of Bot Libre's features including avatars, speech, our web and mobile SDK, social media and IOT integration. You can also extend your DialogFlow bot with Bot Libre's NLP and scripting.

The other option is to instead just integrate with Bot Libre's avatars using our JavaScript SDK, and your own JavaScript code that accesses the DialogFlow API.

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