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Bugs and Features : response and action for chatbots

RE: response and action for chatbots

durch bobred gepostet Aug 28 2018, 10:04

that is not what I meant.this is what I meant.if I say to a chatbot how are you.and it says I am fine.then I say to it ,"get me some ice tea".then it's response would be okay.then I say to it "what did you have for dinner yesterday?"then it's response "would be I had pizza and a vanilla milkshake.walks

away from you then down the hallway."the second sentence in the response is a action.which could be in blue letters.I could ask it anything for the first sentence in the response.like for instance if I ask it ,"how is your friend Julie"it's response could be"julie is fine.walks away from you then down the hallway."

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Gepostet: Aug 28 2018, 10:04
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