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Help : using the wildcard element (AIML)

RE: using the wildcard element (AIML)

durch admin gepostet Jul 30 2018, 10:22

How did you import the AIML, as a response list, or script?

Can you give the conversation you expected, and the responses that you got.

Note, that if you had another category that matched the question it will be used in place of the * pattern.

When AIML is imported as a response list, it uses Bot Libre's heuristic matching, which finds the best matching question (the one with the most words that match).
i.e. "hey, what is your name?", would match "what is your name" before it considered "hey *".

When AIML is imported as a script, that it uses AIML semantics of process the patterns from left to right.
If you have multiple scripts however, they are process in the order you defined in the bot's script's page. You can merge the scripts to not have one take precedence.

AIML also defines different wildcard characters for precedence, _ instead of *

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