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pattern complexity self script

durch Schrader gepostet Mar 16 2018, 4:53

Hi, I need to understand how patterns work in Self script.

For example:

I need to search a product code in my database, the user should write something like this in the chat:

"What is the firmware relearn of product" "ATtiny25 series 3"

                this is the ask                         this is parameter

In this scenarious the user can forget to write "this" in the ask part or maybe instead of writing "What is" the user write "What's" 

How I can cover every possibility words the user can write or omit ?

If I use a pattern like this: "What's What the firmware relearn of product" can I cover somehow all the words the user input ? or there is a more elegant way

to avoid failed respons from the bot ?

Thank you

by admin posted Mar 18 2018, 12:22
Patterns can take wildcards, optional, and sets of words.

pattern "[what whats] (s) (the) firmware relearn (of) product"


pattern "[what whats] * firmware relearn ^ product ^"

You can also define multiple patterns that have the same template or function target.


(patterns in Self and AIML are the same)

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