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Bot Libre Dev : only repeats

RE: only repeats

durch admin gepostet Oct 11 2017, 8:34

I checked your bot, 'r0ckteacher' and do not see any repeats in its conversation log.

Bots will reply with the responses or scripts that you train them with. If you have an empty bot with no trained responses it will just repeat your input back to you. Also be careful not to enable learning, otherwise the bot will learn your input as new responses.

By 'test gui' I assume you are using our open source project testing tool. From the menu there is a 'bootstrap' menu that will initialize the bot, this will give it some basic scripts. To train it more you need to import a response list file, AIML, and a Self script.

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Gepostet: Oct 11 2017, 8:34
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