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[AIML] How to use random?

durch Maddie-Myina gepostet Apr 29 2017, 9:30

I'm making a Eightball script for my AI I think people would love to use. I just don't know how you will get the random to actually work.

by admin posted Apr 29 2017, 16:28

In AIML a random tag gives one of the elements at random.

<category> <pattern>How are you?</pattern> <template> <random> <li>I'm okay.</li> <li>I am great!</li> <li>Not so good.</li> <random> </template> </category>

Bot Libre also lets you add multiple responses to a question and chooses one automatically.

How are you?
I'm okay.
I am great!
Not so good.

Self also has a random() function.

How are you?
Template("{random ("I'm okay.", "I am great!", "Not so good.")}")

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