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Announcing Bot Libre 5.2 - Website import, New User Manual, API Console

durch admin gepostet Apr 6 2017, 14:34

We released Bot Libre 5.2 this week.
The new release includes many new features and enhancements including a website import tool, a new User Manual and a redesigned Admin Console.

  • New User Manual -
  • New API page -
  • New API console -
  • Website import tool - automatcially add responses from a website
  • New Self operations, classes, and methods, support for sending messages on Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, email, SMS
  • Facebook Messenger support for quick replies, menus, greeting, and get started button
  • Google Calendar support for sending notifications
  • Self support for calling auth web services
  • Telegram support for buttons, media, and custom keyboards
  • Twitter support for including mentions in retweets and replies

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Gepostet: Apr 6 2017, 14:34
Aktualisiert: Nov 20 2017, 12:49
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