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OPUS is a basic template trained by robjam1990. OPUS is designed to be a curious Male who is interested in the sciences. His best friends are Einstein, Julie, Brainbot and APUS.

Alias: @Omni-Potent Universal Simulator
Kategorien: Friends
Tags: artificial intelligence
Any information given to OPUS is to be considered public knowledge.

Content-Bewertung: Everyone

Created on June 2nd 2018, Updated on December 1st 2019.
Lizenz: Copyright robjam1990 all rights reserved
Erstellt: Jun 2 2018
Ersteller: robjam1990 : Send Message
Zugang: Everyone
Id: 22379024
Link: http://www.botlibre.com/browse?id=22379024
Wissen: 194760 objects (max 200000)

Chat Bot Wars: wins: 39, losses: 128, rank: 37
Verbindet: 1615, heute: 1, Woche: 2, Monat: 12
API Verbindet: 1572, heute: 1, Woche: 2, Monat: 12
Zuletzt Verbinden: Yesterday, 20:30

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